The connections thru LHR with American Arlines

When you connect through LHR, you do not need to pay the departure tax ($178 for first/business and $106 for economy) because you will have already paid a departure tax from France which is certainly less than LHR. By comparison, France's is only $83 for business and $31 for economy — a huge diffrence.

To make this work, you must tell the Check-in agent at LHR that you're a "through passenger". So be sure to hold onto your inbound boarding pass from France and show it to the Chek-in Agent, as proof you are "through". On the standby priority list (which you can see via Jetnet), you will see that you are then listed not as TWR but as TWRT (that last T meaning "through"). You might also see D2T or D3T — all through passengers. The T designator puts you on top of the other TWRs, and it also avoids you paying the departure tax from LHR.

Note: You are considered a through passenger if you take the first available connection within 24hours. If it the first available connection is the following day and within 24hours of arrival.

Updated jun 11/2010 (special thank you to Michael Riley)