April 2017
Unscrambling The Priority List
The priority list can look a bit like gibberish if you ask us. That's why we’re making it easy. Here’s a cheat sheet for deciphering upgrade and standby codes:
Click following link:


Mileage Redemption: Yours At 20 Percent Off

Beginning Oct. 1, 2016, retirees are now eligible for a 20 percent mileage discount on select MileSAAver and AAnytime awards for confirmed space travel on flights operated and marketed by American. (Award travel on AAdvantage participating airlines and codeshare flights is not eligible for this offer.) Your spouse/company-recognized domestic partner/registered companion, eligible dependents, and parents listed at D2P (including your in-law(s) if listed as a parent in the Traveler database) are also eligible to save 20 percent on select mileage awards. But note that just like for our customers, award travel is subject to availability.

You'll need an AAdvantage number to benefit from this mileage discount, so if you’re not an AAdvantage member yet, join today. With an AAdvantage account, you can earn and redeem miles for airline travel, rental car and hotel rewards, vacation packages, Admirals Club memberships, charitable programs and more.

Additional questions related to employee mileage awards? Check out the complete details on the Deals & Discounts site.



Nov 2015

American Airlines - Retiree WEB Site

The new RETIREES website is in place click following link https://retirees.aa.com
One you log in using your jetnet User ID and Password, you will find TWA RETIREES information. This site is designed for mobile applications as well.

FYI “if your AA password has been disabled or I have been Locked Out” Employee travel is unable to re-set passwords. If your pw hasn’t been disabled Log In to Sam.aa.com Click on Forgot PW Enter employee number and enter Answer the security questions Reset your PW.

If your PW has been disabled or you have been locked out – Contact 1-918-833-3333 for PW assistance. Please follow these prompts once you call in: Prompt #1 for AA assistance Wait until option for Commercial and Desktop Support Prompt #2 for Commercial and Desktop Support Wait until option for PW assistance Prompt #2 for PW assistance Prompt #3 for Pass Code assistance Enter your AA emp #



Sep 17/2014

This new travel information transistion has raised a few questions and there will be more to come. I suggest you all read as much material as you can on this site and JETNET.AA as the information needed is somewhere in the various articles. It is difficult to navigate but just keep trying.
Note the various "links" (blue text) within the narrative.

Here is at least one way to get to the US AIR PROFILE PAGE
which you will need to check for accuracy. It appears that your profile info was carried over to the TRAVEL USAir site but check to be sure and make any corrections.

Try these steps to get started:

1. Sign into Jetnet.aa

2. Go to RETIREE TRAVEL and look for a green box with TRAVEL US.Click on that phrase and you will be taken to a page a booking page that appears with menu items at top...including "PROFILE". 

3. Click on PROFILE. and a new screen pops up with NOTICES box, and TRAVEL PROFILE box and RECENT LISTINGS ON US box.

4. Your name, Badge Number: (AApayroll number), Seniority Date and Eligible Dependents.

5. If there is a green circle with a plus sign next to any of the names, it will take you to a screen to allow that name to "log in" to the system for listings etc.

From there you can search for more info. I assume that the info that was in our JETNET profile was transferred to the TRAVEL US Air site.

Good Luck.


September 2/2014
Boarding Priotitiy

Boarding priority American code US Airways code
Vacation passes D1 SD1V
Active employees (mainline and wholly owned) and eligible travelers D2 SD2E
Retirees, including TWA, and 
eligible travelers
Parents, LUS non-wholly owned Express employees and their eligible dependents. D2P SD2P
Buddy passes D3 SD3G
Active, LAA non-wholly owned affiliate 
airline personnel
oneworld personal travel ONE ON1E
Other airline company 
business travel
Routine interline personal travel ZED ZE1D

More info Click Here


January 14/2014

Official letter Jan14/2014 from new AAL regarding travel benefits. Click HERE


January 07/2014

New NRSA benefits explaines

The legacy carriers are American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, TWA, USair,  which are the original major carriers that we old timers remember so well.  Now we are down to American, United Delta, which are considered to be Legacy carriers today. Basically, it the original airlines from way back when that created the legacy of air service.

For pass travel purposes,  you legacy airline will now be AA, as AA bought TWA through the bankruptcy, which also includes the original employes from Ozark Airlines, which TWA bought.

Now the gist of all of this is that your TWR states on AA is no longer.  Now you’ve been promoted to a D2R for boarding on whom ever checked in first basis. If you connecting, your connection priority will be a D2RT (through/onnecting NRSA passenger. These codes at this time are valid for travel on AA. If you wish to travel on the USAir flights, even that they’re changing their name to AA, you need to go onto Jetnet and get your IDZED fare ticket. The price on the IDZED ticket for USAir are zero. You only need to pay, I believe, $2.00 ticketing for the Electronic ZED ticket. Once AA and US airways merger their systems, some time later this year you will only have to deal with AA.

Additionally, you will also be getting 4 D1 one way passes per year. The D1 is equivalent to a vacation pass .

If I were planning to go to International, I would opt for the D1 in order to stand a better chance for Business of First Class.

I think we came out of this merger, much better off than when we TWA Retirees were merged with just AA.

More info click HERE


April 13/2013

to buy a ticket on AA domestic and got 20% employee discount. You have to make a regular reservation on AA.com (not Jetnet) then when you are finished instead of paying by credit card you select "hold for 24 hours". Then with the PNR address you call the AA Employee line and they will calculate the new fare at which time you pay with your credit card.

(This way you can avoid going to the Airport to purchase your AA-20 Tickets)


Last News ! March 01st at 14h20Z
Agreement with AA and AF is back to normal.
The new electronic tool is launching yesterday february 28!
myIDTravel: ZED Travel Goes online Find out more one new JetNet's Travel page
...We now have access to e-ticketing anywhere worldwide.


Last news ! Feb05/2013
Special Heads Up (eZED)

For all Managers working/based in Europe and Pacific


 Summary: We are excited to provide our colleagues in Europe and Pacific the opportunity to be the first ones to get a sneak peak of our new electronic ZED (eZED) ticketing tool, myIDTravel, on Feb. 5, 2013. Later this month the tool will be launched system wide to all employees.

 Key Points:

With myIDTravel you will no longer need to go to an American ticket counter to get your Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) tickets issued. The tool allows you to get your electronic ZED tickets on the spot 24/7 from anywhere around the world -including locations where American has no presence.


  • myIDTravel will be accessed via Jetnet, initially for travel on British Airways, Iberia, Finnair and Royal Jordanian. For all other airlines, today's procedures continue to apply.


  • View flight options and availability on other airlines.


  • Find out your chances for flight accommodation --smiley faces will indicate chances (good, fair, or bad).


  • Receive instant price quotes for travel on those airlines with which American has an electronic ZED agreement (currently British Airways, Iberia, Finnair, and Royal Jordanian).


  • Purchase and refund eZED tickets for you and/or your eligible travelers on airlines with which American has an electronic ZED agreement.

You and your colleagues in Europe and Pacific can learn more about myIDTravel on Jetnet’s Travel page:

ZED Ticketing Now Online with myIDTravel

Last news !december 20/2012

info from JetNet

Flying ZED on AF

American is in the process of developing automation to support eZED issuance for employee travel on OAL; however, this functionality will not be available until sometime in the first quarter of 2013.


December 17/2012 from AF interline

Conformément à la recommandation IATA, AF n´acceptera plus les billets papiers à partir du 01 janvier 2013.
La compagnie American Airlines n´étant pas en mesure techniquement de passer au billet électronique pour les voyages pour convenance personnelle, nous sommes dans l´obligation de suspendre notre accord avec cette compagnie.

A/c du 1er janvier, les billets ZED émis sur AA ne seront plus honorés
, même si le billet est dans sa période de validité
Exemple : Si votre billet avec transporteur AA comporte une date retour après le 31 décembre, vous ne serez pas accepté par American Airlines, même si vous avez commencé votre voyage avant le 31 décembre.

ZED tickets agreement suspended between Air France and American Airlines as from January 01st, 2013.
According to the IATA recommendation, AF will not accept any more paper tickets  from January 01st, 2013.
As American Airlines carrier is technically not able to issue electronic tickets for leisure tickets, we must suspend our agreement with this carrier.

From January 1st, ZED tickets  issued on AA will not be any more accepted, even if ticket is still  valid.

> Example: if your ticket with carrier AA contains a date of return after December 31st, you will not be accepted by American Airlines, even if you start your travel before December 31st.
You can get refund of your unused tickets on myIDTravel.
Thank you for your understanding.

August 02 /2012 from John Margiotta

BA tickets and any other airline using Electronic ticketing:

AA ATO in CDG cannot issue ZED fares on BA as they cannot issue electronic tickets on other airlines.
You must contact  lon.interline@aa.com  giving them your AA ID, The
routing and your Credit card number for the payment. If you do not wish
to send an email, then see the address in the paragraph below where you will find the
mailing address, phone numbers etc.

AA INTERLINE LONDON (Staff Travel) American Airlines Staff Travel Waterside (HAA3), PO Box 365, HARMONDSWORTH, UB7 OGB England TEL: 44 (0) 20 8577/4881/4984  Fax + 44 208.572.8646 Email: lon.Interline@aa.com The only problem with this phone numbers is that this department is operated mainly by P/T staff so sometimes you may not get an answer but if you sent an email with any queries you, may have and usually they will answer on the same day. ZED FARES & Ticketing (Travel Discounts on Other Airlines Click Here)

Changes in ZED Fare Travel

I just received an email from one of our members travelling from Mauritius to France on a ZED ticket  He was told that Air France no longer accepts paper ticket. The Air France ticket agent kindly reissued an electronic ticket so that he could return to Paris. This puts a whole new aspect an ZED travel, previously the tickets were accepted by all the carriers who had the ZED agreement with AA, flying the same segments. E.G. between Paris and London, both BA and AF accepted the same paper ticket but now with electronic tickets you must travel on the same carrier in both directions. You may no longer fly CDG LIS on TAP and return LIS CDG on AF.  We can no longer look at the loads and chose the carrier at the last minute. We must check to see if either of the carriers accepts only electronic tickets.

Note: Air France should still accept the paper tickets issued by AA

AA can't as yet issue electronic tickets on Air France flights, so they are still issuing paper tickets. If AF refuses your paper ticket tell them to check with their supervisor because they make an exception for ZED fares issued by AA.

John Margiotta Nov15/2011



BA has indeed turned all ZED travel to electronic ticketing. This of course means that ZED tickets for BA are now only useable on BA. You will need paper ZED tickets for any other airlines. Also remember that you will need to meal list on BA's flights Click Here

John Margiotta
(October 12/2011)


Updated august 2/2012

AA INTERLINE LONDON (Staff Travel) American Airlines Staff Travel Waterside (HAA3), PO Box 365, HARMONDSWORTH, UB7 OGB England TEL: 44 (0) 20 8577/4881/4984 — Fax + 44 208.572.8646 Email: lon.Interline@aa.com The only problem with this phone numbers is that this department is operated mainly by P/T staff so sometimes you may not get an answer but if you sent an email with any queries you, may have and usually they will answer on the same day. ZED FARES & Ticketing (Travel Discounts on Other Airlines Click Here)


AA Employee - Traveler information

(November 18/2010)


The Boarding and Flexibility Package introduced last summer as part of the
"Your Choice" services is now available at a 20 percent reduction to
employees utilizing their AA20 travel discount. As always, employees can
book a reservation on AA.com but all ticketing and AA20 discount pricing
must be done through either 1-888-WE-FLY-AA, airports or Travel Centers. Be
sure to ask for the Boarding and Flexibility Package. With the Boarding and
Flexibility Package, customers can board with group 1 of general boarding,
standby for an earlier flight, and receive a $75 flight change discount.
"Your Choice" provides key services to make the travel experience even more
personalized, convenient, cost-effective and flexible than ever before. For
more information, visit www.aa.com/yourchoice


On Nov. 1, the Transportation Security Administration stopped approving
boarding pass issuance if a traveler's Secure Flight passenger data is
incomplete. Per TSA guidelines, the name in the flight listing must match
the valid government issued identification you or your guests use for
travel. Avoid losing the ability to use Jetnet Check-in or Self Service
machines, or having TSA send you back to the ticket counter or deny boarding
by accessing Traveler Information

https://www.jetnet.aa.com/jetnet/go/TRAVATD.asp on Jetnet's Travel page
to correct nicknames, add middle names or initials for yourself and guest
travelers. Flight crewmembers should also "sync up" their name information
in FOS or DECS. The original deadline of Oct. 31 to complete traveler name
updates is extended through Friday, Jan. 7, 2011.


(October 5/2010)

If you notice an error  in AA Traveler information about your gender, date of birth or phone number you must contact Human Resources by mail.

H.R. Services
PO Box 9741
PROVIDENCE RI 02940-9741

You must of course include: your name, your AA ID number, a photo copy of an identity card (e.g. Passport) and the request to update in the traveler information of Jetneet

"Employe Services Telephone nr:1-800-447-2000.

American Airlines
Staff Travel and Interline 
Waterside (HAA3), PO Box 365,
Harmondsworth, UB7 0GB

+44 (0) 20 8577 4720 / 4881 / 4984
Email: lon.Interline@aa.com

The only problem with this phone numbers is that this department is operated mainly by P/T staff so sometimes you may not get an answer but if you sent an email with any queries you, may have and usually they will answer on the same day.

ZED FARES & Ticketing (Pass Word 2009 Travel Discounts on Other Airlines click HERE )

(updated 02 august 2012. marc)


May 19/2008 Password change
*Go to Http://www.jetnet.aa.com.*

*When Jetnet Login page comes up, click on "Visit System Access Manager"
in the top box, then*

*Enter User ID and Password.*

*This takes you to the "Identity Management" page.*

*Click "4/22/08 Changing Your Jetnet Password" on the right side. This
shows the latest date that you may change your password (...before July
29th, 2008.) then*

*Click on "FAQ" box at the left and go to the 7th paragraph for
information on how to change your password and how often it must be done
(Every 90 days) and what warning you will receive (10 days). *

*After reading that information, click on the link "http://sam.aa.com"
in the second paragraph and follow the directions. *

*It is relatively simple to do and quite necessary. If you don't, the
earth will stop spinning and the sun will rise in the West. Those are
the best things that will happen. Actually, you should check on that web
site for the problems you will face if you don't follow the rules.*


May 06/2008 FYI Jetnet Password Change

*Subject:* System Access Manager -- Requires Jetnet Password Change

*Implementation of System Access Manager – Requires Jetnet Password Change *

* AMR launches identity management tool*

* *AMR is implementing a new Web-based tool, called System Access
Manager. This new system will help simplify various processes for AMR’s
employees while also providing everyone with Jetnet access a better user
experience and enhanced security.

Upon implementation, the biggest change you will encounter is the
requirement to change your Jetnet password every 90 days.

When you log into Jetnet you will automatically be directed to System
Access Manager. There you will receive instructions on how to change
your password.

If you are unable to log in, click the “login help” link and use the
“chat with an agent” feature for assistance.

If you need further assistance, send an email to the Identity Management
Team at Identity Management : Click here

Effective Immediately Nov/2007

A service that provides airline travel passes, ID-90s or special rates for most TWA retirees is available for use, and does not require any connection with American Airlines pass benefits! The “Airline Retirees Pass Bureau” (ARPB) was actually begun years ago when TWA offered passes to former Eastern and Pan American employees who had lost their jobs when those companies shut down. The service later became privately operated, but has greatly enlarged the benefits and those covered. As it is now, retirees and their spouses of any airline that is no longer in operation are eligible to take part in this great way to travel at low prices.
So you see, the concept has “gone full circle” and now has become a benefit to the originator….us. Undoubtedly, this travel ability will be very useful to many U.S. and European TWAers who don’t have AA airline privileges for any reason. Those of us who do have American benefits would have a considerably greater number of airlines to choose from for world-wide travel. See their website at http://airlineretirees.com.

There are a few requirements to take part in the ARPB.  They are:

1. The retiree must be at least 50 years of age.
2. Provide verification of at least 20 years of service with TWA, such as a copy of their 7R pass card, retirement letter stating length of service or 7R pass privileges, or similar.
3. An official letter showing that a company pension plan took place, or received a lump sum retirement, or: their PBGC pension records. 
4. A one-time, lifetime fee of $50 for each covered person, which also provides a Travel ID Card.       The service and pension information is required by the individual airlines offering their travel benefits to ARPB.

Passes are requested by phoning ARPB in Miami, Florida on a toll-free number, by email, or a local number that can also be used from overseas. Payment would normally be made by a credit card, so foreign money exchange is no problem. In most cases, requests are issued the same day, and delivery by FedEx is recommended…also worldwide.
The following airlines offer travel through this service, with differing costs, many as low as $25 each way: ATA-American Trans Air, Midwest, Delta, Scenic, Frontier,  South African Airways, Great Lakes Southwest,   Horizon, Spirit, Icelandair, U.S. Airways,       Jetblue, Virgin Atlantic,  and Martinair.
How do you get started with this program? Call or Email the office of ARPB to verify eligibility at 1 (800) 266-6738, or locally near Miami at (305) 531-2771, or send an Email to airlineretirees@hotmail.com . They will instruct you of the requirements as shown above, and begin registration. The mailing address is:
ARPB 1450 Lincoln Road–Suite 909 Miami FL 33139
They indicate many of our TWA people have already joined, and it has been used for some time by the Eastern, Swissair and other former-airline retirees with good results. Give them a try, and happy flying!........Bill Cottrell

FYI (If any specific, unusual conditions are questionable, a call or email to Dan Blythe at the ARPB will get his attention and answer.

Also, if a spouse of a deceased TWA retiree wants to join the Bureau, they are eligible with supplying a copy of their 7R pass card and some record of their spouse's pension.

   Mr. Blythe is very easy to talk with, and anxious to help with any problems arising.)


Effective now jun/2007:

now allows TWA retirees to obtain unlimited ZED fares. This will include travel on flights operated by: American West, Colgan Air, Republic.

US Airways Express which includes: Piedmond, PSA, Trans States, Chautauqua.


British Airways has joined the list of airlines that require you to list yourself for travel no later than one day prior to departure. You must purchase a ticket before accessing the site as the ticket number will serve as the sites pass code. The other airlines are Austrian, Finnair, LOT, Lufthansa, Scandanavian and Thai International. To list yourselves Sign into Jetnet and go to Retiree Travel, scroll down to Travel Resources at bottom right and hit OA travel. Move down to flight listing and hit on: For travel on any of the following airlines. On the left side you will see 5 options, Hit on listing and fill in the form. Date of joining means the TWA Seniority date; Staff ID means you 6 digit AA number. If you change flights you must cancel and make another listing. (info from Jetnet)


Effective now dec/06/2005

American Airlines Baggage rules effective now dec/2005.

Following a slight problem with one of our members, he suggested that I
warn everybody of the baggage rules which are strictly followed by AA
employees at check-in.

You may register 2 bags, each of which must not be heavier than 23
kilos, you must not go over this weight even if you are only checking
one bag. Our colleague and his wife were travelling with just 1 suitcase
but as it was over the limit they had to purchase a second bag to
transfer the surcharge. Do not lock your checked bags because of
security checks.

Your carry on bag may weigh up to 18 kilos on AA but must be within the
dimensions of a carry on bag. Beware British Airways only allows 6 kilos
in Y class, which is probably the case for many European carriers 18
kilos in first only.

For full baggage rules on AA in internet go to aa.com, then to Travel
information, Baggage,

And then Baggage allowance.


Attention quand vous voyagez sur AA, Vous avez le droit à 2 bagages de
23 kilos par personne..

Il ne faut pas dépasser les 23 kilos même si vous n’avez qu’une valise
pour deux, sinon il vous faudra repartir le poids en excédent dans
d’autres bagages. Ne fermer pas vos bagages a clef à cause des contrôles
de sécurité

Vous avez le droit aussi à un sac « carry on » de 18 kilos correspondant
aux mesures réglementaires.

Les 18 kilos sont valables pour AA, d’autres transporteurs ne permettent
pas autant de poids dans un « carry on » BA par exemple ne permet qu 6
kilos en Y class

Regards John


ZED Fares list

Trip Book (TWA Retirees)

Log on to Jetnet, Hit on Retiree Travel, Look on left hand side for Trip Book... hit on that, Now look in middle for Travel on Other Airlines. Its is in blue. Hit on that. Now look in middle for Travel Discounts on other Airlines. It is in blue. Hit on that. That will give you the full listing. (Updated july 19th 2008)


TWA photo ID’s

Vous pouvez obtenir des cartes d’identité TWA avec photo, émises par American Airlines.

Ces cartes ne sont pas obligatoires quand vous voyagez, néanmoins elles peuvent se révéler utiles devant les hésitations de certains agents d’autres compagnies lorsqu’ils ont à faire aux retraités TWA. Ceci d’autant plus que American Airlines ne fournit plus de travel cards si vous venez à perdre la vôtre. Le temps de réponse d’AA est au moins de deux mois.

 Pour obtenir une « photo ID card TWA » par internet :

entrez sur « www.Jetnet.aa.com »

cliquez sur « employee benefits » puis sur « HR Forms »

Descendez le curseur jusqu' à « Retiree photo ID requests » et cliquez sur l’icone rouge (Adobe reader) située à droite de la ligne ; vous pouvez alors imprimer le formulaire de demande et l’envoyer à l’adresse indiquée sur celui ci, accompagné d’une enveloppe timbrée (timbre U.S Mail) à votre adresse.

Notre comité a acheté quelques timbres U.S. (30) par l’intermédiaire d’un de nos membres résidant aux USA. Je peux vous les faire parvenir si vous m’envoyez une envelope timbrée

à votre adresse plus deux timbres à 50 centimes pour couvrir le prix de ces timbres U.S.,

Seules les 30 premieres demandes recevront une réponse immediate

Mon adresse:

John Margiotta

14 Rue Jean Jouvenet

77380 Combs la Ville

Regards John  


Useful phone numbers

AA reservations in Dublin (from France ): RPT dec21/2007)

Employee travel resrvations in the USA : 1 888 WE FLY AA (1 888 93 359 22) at the voice prompt international employees should use option 3, an agent will come on line.

Employee services: 800 447 2000* by Email: Employee.Services@aa.com

JETNET: 866 538 6384*  to send an email to Jetnet Help desk : Jetnet.Help@aa.com

*To dial numers 800, 866, 877, 888, in the USA from Internation locations, first use the AT&T direct access number: (from France) # 0800 990 011, an operator or a voice prompt will tell you when to enter the toll free number that you wish to obtain. Do not use 1 or 0 before the number.

From other countries, find in Internet with: www.consumer.att.com/global/english/access_codes.html


Numéros de téléphone utiles pour voyager sur A.A

De La France

En appelant les réservations A.A à Dublin:

Téléphone: 0810 872 872

Des U.S.A

En appelant les réservations A.A aux U.S.A:

Téléphone: 1 888 WE FLY AA (1 888 93 359 22) dès la voix en Anglais choisir l'option

3 un agent viendra en ligne.

EMPLOYEE SERVICES: 800 447 2000* par Email: Employee.Services@aa.com

JETNET: 866 538 6384* pour envoyer un email à Jetnet Help desk: Jetnet.Help@aa.com

* Pour obtenir un numéro libre appel commençant par 800, 866, 877, ou 888 aux Etats Unis, en appelant en France AT&T au 0800 990 011,  une voix en Anglais ou une standardiste vous dira quand entrer le numéro 800 etc... que vous désirez, vous n'avez pas besoin d'utiliser le 1 ou le 0 devant le numéro.

Pour les autres pays, vous trouverez sur Internet: www.consumer.att.com/global/english/access_codes.html